2020 Boardwalk Block Party

Hotel Information


Note: Irish Rumble is a "Stay to Play" event!  This means that in order to participate in the event, it is mandatory for ALL HOTEL RESERVATIONS to be booked through the OFFICIAL Housing Bureau.

Registration Open  November 15th, 2019.

DO NOT USE any outside hotel reservation service to reserve rooms.  They will not be recognized by the event and your teams will not be accepted into the tournament. If you have any trouble finding hotels within the system or if you need help, contact us at scovert@str8dnsports.com.


This year (2019) there will be a 96 hour cancellation policy.  Hotels will lock in rooms at Noon on Monday prior to the event.

We have been using this system for several years now; this information helps in securing comp rooms for the staff and also helps the city and the tournament better calculate the economic impact of this event on the city. The Convention Visitors Bureau of the city can then use the reports to help get better facilities and hotels for the future and help keep the cost of the hotels down, as well as keeping the event costs down for teams and parents.


​All divisions will be held in Atlantic City Convention Center 


Hotel Registration Website Address: http://vertexhotel.com/

Hotel Registration Phone Number:  1-833-787-8361 ext 702

Hotel Questions: Email - royben@ptd.net