2020 Season

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General Tournament Information


Note: See the Registration Page for instructions.


Waves and Pools will be posted on Thursday prior to the event.  Keep in mind, these are subject to change should cancellations occur within a division.



Admission Tickets for the event will be required.

$15/1-day full event pass; $25/2-day full event pass, $35 for a 3 day event pass

*Children 10 years of age and under are free*

Admission Presale

Avoid long lines at the playing venue by ordering your tickets

online in advance. Note that there is a processing fee when

pre-ordering online. Advance ticket sales will close Thursday night.



Team Check-In Procedures:

Please check in at the desk upon arrival at the event. Each coach should have a copy of their roster and the coaches contact info for each team for this tournament and drop it off with the Check in desk prior to your first match on Saturday. 

Tournament schedules and results


Zero Gravity Volleyball has contracted On Line  Results Management

System to provide up-to-the-minute results. Schedules and results

can be found and followed on any mobile device

. There will be no paper posting of pool results or schedules.

​Tournament Format and Match Protocol:

Three day tournaments will consist of pool play on Saturday at 8:00 am and will proceed through 8:00 pm that evening.  Another round of pool play will be scheduled, followed by bracket play.  The first two matches of the wave are on the hour scheduled; after that, they will run ASAP.  Please do not leave court side expecting to have a long break; we will follow standard forfeit procedures of one (1) point for every minute the team is late.

Two day events will consist of Saturday Am wave with 3 teams each

Then Saturday PM Wave with 3 teams each

Sunday morning challenge round followed by Bracket play

​All matches for three day events will consist of best of three matches with two (2), 25-point games and one (1), 15-point game if necessary.


All matches for two day events will consist of best of three matches with two (2), 25-point games and one (1), 15-point game if necessary.  We will follow USAV rules for play.  Challenge matches will consist of one (1), 25-point game with opponents switching at 13.  Challenge matches are preset by the tournament scheduling/seeding based on the number of teams in a division.

Coaches are responsible for verifying the results are posted correctly.  Coaches should not leave the venue until all options for a tie have been explored in their pool.  See below for Tie-breaking procedures.

Warm Up Procedures:

Warm ups will consist of two (2) minutes shared, four (4) minutes serving team, four (4) minutes receiving team for all matches throughout the tournament.  Time will start at the end of the previous match.  The first two matches of each wave will begin on time and after that they will run ASAP.  There is no serving time; teams who want to serve must do so in their four (4) minutes.

Tie-breaking Procedures:

It is the coach’s responsibility to remain at the event until all chances of a tie breaker have been completed. Tie-break sets are only played when resulting in a team being bumped from the Gold bracket. Once the seeds have been determined for the tie-breaker, there is a time limit of five (5) minutes for the teams involved to be court side.  Once that five (5) minute window has passed, then the team is determined as forfeited.  If any information is given by the staff the does not match the information here, ask the tournament director to check he results from pool play and verify how it will be handled.

Two way ties are broken as results from head to head match.

Tie-break matches are one (1) single, 15-point game with teams switching at 8.

Seeding for three way ties will be by match record, then set percentage (%), followed by point percentage (%) over the entire pool.  If at that point, teams are still tied, a coin flip will decide seeds. Three way ties will be broken as follows:

  • If two teams advance to the highest medal round, then the first place team by seeding procedure will be given first and the other two teams will play off one (1) game for remaining spot and the first place team will work.

  • If one team advances to the highest medal round, then there will be two games played.  The first game will be between the second and third seeds with the first place seed working, followed by the winner playing the first place seed and the loser working.

  • After seeding has been determined, if a team is missing from the court at the time of the tie breaker games, they will forfeit and be declared the lowest seed of the tiebreaker for that pool. The two remaining teams will both move into first and second seed based on their based on tiebreaker seed. 

  • If more than one team is missing, then we will declare the team that is there, in first seed, followed by seeded results for the two missing teams.

  • If all three teams are missing, then we use the seeding procedure only.

Work Teams:

A paid certified official will be assigned to all matches.  Both an up and down referee will be provided for all Open Gold Finals.  Teams scheduled for a work assignment must provide a competent down official, competent scorekeeper, two line judges and a flipper/libero tracker. Teams are expected to report to the Referee at the beginning of the last 4 minutes of warmup.  A coach must be court side during the entire work assignment should any problems occur.  Failure to have an entire work team including the coach will result in a point per minute, for every minute you are late.  This penalty will be assessed on your next scheduled match.  During bracket play, please check the schedule carefully for work assignments.  Some teams are required to work an 8am match and then play at 9am.  If you lose your match during bracket play, the team will work the very next match scheduled on the same court. We are not responsible for missed work assignments.

Athletic Trainers:

Paid athletic trainers will be on site at every venue.  Trainers will be available at 7am on each day to wrap and prep players for the day.  Please be sure to provide your own tape. ​

Note: These trainers can travel to satellite sites, but the charge to do so will be billed back to the injured individual.  In case of an emergency, please contact the Site Desk and be prepared to either dial 911 for an ambulance or to take the injured player to a “ready care” facility location.  Click here for some options.


Facility Rules


For your safety and the safety of our athlete and spectators, please

adhere to the following expectations:


● Seating will be provided at each location. No outside chairs



● Please refrain from bringing outside food into the venues.


● Only rostered coaches, administrators or players are allowed

on the courts.


● Wristbands must be visible for entry into each gym. Lost

wristbands will not be replaced at the expense of the event



● Appreciate the efforts of our officials and work teams.

Outward displays of disrespect directed towards referees will

not be tolerated and could result in expulsion from the event.


● Please be courteous to family and friends supporting teams

as spectators move between courts and matches.


● Ball handling of any kind should be done exclusively on a

volleyball court.

​Spectator Conduct:

1. Respect the Players and Coaches!

2. Respect the Officials!

3. Respect the Facility!

4. Respect the Staff!

5. Respect Yourself!